Shop Small This Christmas 2020

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For the past Christmas's, I never really thought much about where I shop, that was until my bestie and I took the leap of being our own business owners! Standing in the shoes of a local small shop owner, I've come to realise how every sale really makes a difference in our lives. 

This Christmas, especially with another lockdown looming yet again!, we've decided we will shop small. We don't mean buying minimal gifts, but instead by saying shop small, we mean shopping from other local, independent businesses and brands. 

There are so so many reasons to shop small, but here are a few:

1. Unique gifts made from the heart

Starting True Tinkers, our motivation came from creating unique and personalised gifts. Nothing feels better than watching our friends and family open up gifts crafted especially for them! 

That's the beauty of small businesses, they are new in the market and offer things that high street brands don't. 

So far, every order we've made at True Tinkers have been truly one of a kind to suit its new owners and it's nice to think there won't be any duplicate presents under the tree if you shop small!


2. Customer Service is everything!

A small business usually means a small team, sometimes even two! (like us!)

As a small business looking to grow and improve each day, we take every single feedback, good or bad, constructively. Especially since word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing for us. Being a small business, they are always ready to make amendments and changes to suit the customers preference. 

Every time a customer speaks to us about our products, they are speaking directly to us two on the team. Every single process of the order is handcrafted by us personally; from designing, creating, packing and posting! We only wrap up the parcel when we are 100% satisfied with the look and quality here at True Tinkers!


3. Your support really means the world

Every single time we get an email notifying us of an order, we squeal and dance with happiness !

With each order, we see our business grow a little, like a plant being watered!

With each customer we make, the story of True Tinkers is being written, and we can't wait to be able to take you to the next chapter in the future.


All in all, whether you're shopping for yourselves or for gifts this Christmas, I hope this posts inspires you to join us and shop small this Christmas

Happy Christmas Shopping & we hope that True Tinkers is part of your wishlist this year!

Peek out Christmas Collection 2020 here:

Stay safe and sending all our love!


J from the True Tinkers Team


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